About Us

Management has emerged as a major input both at macro and micro level. Saying is that; “no country is basically rich or poor, a country can be either nicely or poorly managed”. Same is applicable to the corporate world. No company can be said to be permanently good or bad. What makes a difference is the quality of management inputs. When we say management inputs, it basically means quality of managers and employees, on one hand, and quality of management process and systems, on the other. SMC’s main focus is on building up of management inputs in totality.

Basically India is an under-managed economy. We are blessed with abundant gifts of nature and environment. What we need is to upgrade the management processes in all dimensions to optimize our resources. Given proper impetus on management development, our country can march into the league of developed nations. Some of our corporate enterprises are competing world wide. Others are not able to keep up to the world benchmark or even national benchmark.

SMC’s vision is to bring up the client organizations to the level of national and international benchmarks in terms of quality of managers and quality of management systems and processes.