Objectives of Smc

The main objectives of SMC can be defined as:

  1. To assimilate and document the findings of “Action Research” for Corporate performance improvement and value addition.
  2. To update and assimilate new knowledge of management systems and processes, management research findings and new practices.
  3. To share the assimilated and documented knowledge with the business world to further enhance their value addition through benchmarking and enabling the organization to understand the gaps and opportunities and process of growth.
  4. SMC will work towards corporate excellence by enhancing the value of managers through knowledge, skill, attitude building as well as through system, process improvement and internal assessment, SWOT analysis, etc.
  5. SMC will play the role of change agent – change for betterment, change in values, culture, organizational climate, competencies and over all organizational capabilities.
  6. SMC will take up applied research work in areas like; organizational climate, morale and motivation and strategic management, etc.
  7. A great focus of SMC’s work will be in the area of training particularly for senior and top management in general management and organizational behaviour.
  8. Bringing out innovations in change management processes and training methodologies.
  9. Maintaining highest level of professional ethics as Management Consultants.
Scope of Work

Mainly Five Areas:

  1. Management Development & Training.
  2. HR System development
  3. Talent Acquisition/ Executive Search
  4. Organizational Consultancy
  5. Research & Documentation